Augmented Reality Type QR Code : Pengembangan Perangkat Pembelajaran di Era Revolusi Industri 4.0

Dian Sugiana, Dedi Muhtadi


Augmented Reality is a term derived from computer technology that combines real objects with virtual objects in an integrative virtual display. Quick Respons Code (QR Code) is a term that describes the speed of response to objects presented in a square two-dimensional form with variations in vertical and horizontal lines. This QR Code technology is a development of Barcode that only displays the form of vertical lines. Augmented Reality Type Technology QR Code is one alternative in order to realize technological innovations that can be integrated into the field of education, one of which is in the development of learning tools to support learning and teaching activities more effective and efficient. Augmented Reality Type QR Code can be done by utilizing the existence of smartphones among teachers and students so that they can be more useful for self-development and continue to innovate in line with the development of technological progress. The great benefits of Augmented Reality Type QR Code for teachers are: can make learning devices that do not require much paper, do not spend too much on paper by making instructional materials connected to the internet, can make students learning media evaluation that is confidential and can be implemented online. While the benefits for students are: there is no need to carry too many books, the material can be studied at school or outside the school, and can positively use smartphone technology advances. With the existence of the Augmented Reality Type QR Code technology, it is possible to become a milestone to adapt teachers and students to learning in the era of industrial revolution 4.0.

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