Peningkatan Nilai Jual dan Akses Pasar Produk Olahan Ketan Hitam pada Agro Edu Wisata Ketan Hitam Kabupaten Tasikmalaya Sales Value Enchancement and Market Access of Processed Black Glutinous Products at Agro Edu Tourism of Black Glutinous Rice, Tasikmalaya Regency

Indi Ramadhani, Alfin Nur Fahmi Mufreni, Gusti Tia Ardiani, Vivi Indah Bintari


Tourism Village as village tourism is a sector that has become a mainstay in driving economic revival after the COVID-19 Pandemic, because it has become a trend of change in contemporary tourism. The development of tourist villages is also a form of accelerating village development in an integrated manner to encourage social, cultural and economic transformation of villages. Likewise, the Puspamukti Cigalontang Village area, Tasikmalaya Regency, has abundant natural resource potential as a raw material for food commodity diversification, including black sticky rice. The main problem currently experienced is black sticky rice farming which has not been managed properly even though Puspamukti Village has the potential for large black sticky rice fields and the majority of the agriculture there produces black sticky rice. Partners find it difficult to process and package products to make them more attractive and more durable. To solve this problem, this community service activity has designed a solution, namely 1) Counseling on the potential of processed black sticky rice as a business potential that is a culinary specialty and market access for processed black sticky rice products 2) Demonstrating steps for processing black sticky rice from farming partners into various preparations and packaging so that the product becomes more attractive and lasts longer. The purpose of this activity is that processed black sticky rice products are characteristic and can become authentic souvenirs from Tasikmalaya Regency. Therefore it is necessary to carry out training and assistance in increasing the sale value and market access for processed black sticky rice products at the Black Ketan Tourism Agro Edu, Tasikmalaya Regency.


processing of black sticky rice; Culinary; Tourism Village; Educational Tour

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