Focus and Scope

Security and Privacy in Information Systems:

  • Risk analysis in information systems.
  • Development of stronger encryption techniques.
  • Intrusion detection and security response.

Database Management:

  • Optimization of database performance.
  • Distributed database management systems.
  • Data security and privacy.

Big Data Analytics:

  • Processing and analysis of Big Data for decision-making.
  • Algorithms for Big Data management.
  • Security considerations in Big Data.

Internet of Things (IoT):

  • Data integration and management from IoT devices.
  • Security challenges in IoT environments.
  • Business management applications of IoT.

Web Application Development:

  • Performance optimization of web applications.
  • Web application security.
  • Responsive user interface design.

Decision Support Systems:

  • Development of intelligent decision support systems.
  • Analysis of user needs for decision support systems.
  • Performance evaluation of decision support systems.

E-Government Systems:

  • Implementation and evaluation of e-government systems.
  • Security and privacy in e-government systems.
  • Improving public services through information technology.

Software Project Management:

  • Evaluation of project management methods and tools.
  • Agile software development methodologies.
  • Analysis of errors and learning from previous projects.

Business Process Analysis and Modeling:

  • Use of business process modeling techniques.
  • Performance evaluation of business processes.
  • Integration of business processes within information systems.

Cloud Computing Technology:

  • Data security and privacy in cloud environments.
  • Cloud resource management.
  • Integration of information systems with cloud technology.

Mobile Application Development:

  • Design and development of innovative mobile applications.
  • Mobile application security.
  • The use of mobile technology in business.

Network Security Analysis:

  • Computer network security.
  • Detection and prevention of network attacks.
  • Post-incident recovery.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems:

  • Implementation and evaluation of ERP systems.
  • Integration of ERP modules.
  • Change management in ERP system implementations.

Blockchain Technology Development:

  • Applications of blockchain technology in information systems.
  • Security and privacy in blockchain transactions.
  • Performance evaluation of blockchain networks.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Information Systems:

  • Implementation of artificial intelligence techniques in information systems.
  • Ethical and social impact analysis of AI in business.
  • Integration of chatbots and virtual assistants in customer service.