Focus And Scope

The topics of articles accepted at JEEE include but are not limited to the following areas:

(1) Power Systems

Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Power Electronics, Power Quality, Power Economic, FACTS, Electric Traction, Electric Vehicles, Electromagnetic Compatibility,  High Voltage Insulation Technologies, High Voltage Apparatuses, Lightning Detection and Protection, Power System Analysis, Power System Protection, SCADA, Electrical Measurements, Electric machines, Solid-state control of electric machine drives, Power system planning, Dispatching and scheduling, Stability, reliability, and security, Smart-grid and micro-grid technologies

(2) Control Systems

Adaptive controls, Advanced computing for measurement, Advanced control techniques, Advanced manufacturing systems, Applications of control theory in industry, Automated guided vehicles, Automation industrial applications, Artificial Intelligent and Expert System, Complex adaptive systems, Control and automation, Control and intelligent systems, Control stochastic, Control theory and applications, Digital control, Distributed control, Dynamic simulation Man/Machine interface, Fault detection and isolation, Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network, Fieldbus technology and interfaces, Hybrid and switching control, Image-based control, Industrial automation, Linear and nonlinear control systems, Manufacturing systems and automation, Mathematical control theory, Measurement techniques, Mechatronics, Modelling and identification, Non Linear and Stochastic Controls, Optimization and optimal control, Predictive control, Process control and instrumentation, Process optimization and scheduling, Recent developments in automation and control, Recent trends in control systems, Robotics and applications, Robust control, Sampled-data control systems and digital control, Sensors, Stochastic control and filtering, System identification and control, Systems and automation, Transducer principles, Virtual instrumentation and control.

(3) Energy Management

New technologies for energy generation, planning, and scheduling, Energy analysis, modelling, and prediction, Energy conservation and efficiency, Energy management, Optimization of energy systems, Sustainable energy sources, Integrated energy systems, Energy storage systems, Renewable energy sources such as solar, hydro, wing, geothermal, and ocean energy.

(4) Electrical Materials

Conductors, Superconducors, Dielectrics, Magnetics, Semiconductor materials and devices, Electronic ceramics, Electrical insulation materials, Thin film devices/sensors, Display/optical devices, Superconducting magnetic materials and devices.