Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

Media Pertanian (e-ISSN: 2745-8946 dan p-ISSN: 2085-4226) is a scientific journal published by Agrotechnology Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Siliwangi. 

The focus of journal is to publish original research paper and article review about agricultural science and technology and the scope of the article are :

    • AgronomyConveys original research in agriculture, natural resources, soil science, crop science, agroclimatology, agronomic modelling, and instrumentation.
    • Pest and disease scienceFocus on pest control and animal vectors of disease, as well as the biology,  and ecology of pests and their antagonists, and the use of other beneficial organisms in pest control. 
    • Plant ecophysiologyPlant ecophysiology deals with physiological processes necessary for plants interacting with the environment
    • BiodiversityVariety of crops, forestry, plantations, and related (example, insects, pests, weeds, and others).
    • BiotechnologyAgriculture enhancement, as well as crop and forest biotechnology.
    • Agricultural MicrobiologyPlant-associated microbes in relation to agriculture and soil environment, plant health, biodegradation and bioremediation.
    • Plant breedingPlant improvement through breeding and genetics.
    • Food science and technologyVariety aspects of food science and technology include food composition, food handling, processing and packaging, as well as agricultural products or food byproducts.


Section Policies


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

All manuscripts will be reviewed with a Double-Blind Review system, Manuscripts from the author will go to the Editor in Chief who then transfers it to the relevant Editor Section for further handling. The Editors' Section will request at least two review partners to review the manuscript. Based on comments from Reviewers and Section Editors, Editor-in-Chief will make decisions on the manuscript.


All submitted manuscript will be screened as follow :

  1. Editor collect the submitting article

  2. The editor section evaluate the manuscript (the aims, scope, writing style,  the manuscript will be rejected if doesn't meet with criteria )

  3. Similarity will be checked using turnitin. If more than 30% plagiarism is found, the manuscript will be rejected and the author will be contacted via email

  4. Section editor send the manuscript to reviewers

  5. The reviewers send back the reviewed article to section editor with revised if necessary

  6. Editor make a decision ( with criteria :reject, major revision, minor revision, accept, revision and resubmit)

  7. The decision is informed to the author via email

  8. If there is a revision, the author must revise the manuscript and return it to the editor immediately (maximum 2 weeks). If the return is late (more than three months, it will be considered as a new manuscript submission)

  9. If there is no need for revision, the manuscript enters the layout editor before publishing


Publication Frequency

Media Pertanian is published twice a year in May and November


Open Access Policy

Media Pertanian provides immediate open access to all article on the principle that making research freely available to the public; supports a greater global exchange of knowledge; and invaluable way to maximize the visibility and impact of research, especially education field. 

Media Pertanian uses CC-BY-SA or The Creative Commons Attributional“ShareAlike License
This means :

  • The freedom to use and perform the work;
  • The freedom to study the work and apply the information;
  • The freedom to redistribute copies;
  • The freedom to distribute derivative works;